Champion of Champions 2020

On Saturday 5th September we will be holding our annual Champion of Champions Competition. This is the most prestigious and valuable event in the Club’s calendar and is currently held by Ian Burrows. Entry to this competition is by invitation and is extended to all those members who have won, or finished second in any club competition during the preceding twelve months. First prize is a 75% reduction of your membership fee [for the following calendar year] and 2nd prize is a 25% reduction.

Accordingly, the Course will be closed to play to all Members, other than the Entrants in the Competition itself, from dawn until 15.30 in the afternoon. If Members wish to play after 15.30, they are most welcome to do so. And we have closed the Course for the entire day to all ‘external’ Visitors. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and support for this policy.

Due to the unusual circumstances presented by the Corona Virus pandemic we have to do things slightly different this year, and Brian Haworth and his team have been working overtime to make this event happen in a safe and enjoyable environment.  Instead of a shotgun start, players will go out in drawn three-balls according to the list below, and will start on the 1st hole only. Please allow plenty of time to collect your scorecard prior to teeing off. You must be on the 1st teeing ground at least 5 minutes before your allocated start time and you will be told when to drive off by the starter. If you are late for your tee off then you will not be allowed to start.

You will not swap score cards; you will mark your own score, but you must write the name of a fellow playing companion on the scorecard, so that they can attest your score. It would be helpful if you could also record your companions scores on your scorecard too. On completion of your round you must present your scorecard to the tournament organiser who will photograph the card and return it to you, for either (a) safe keeping, or (b) firewood.

Players need to note the local rules, especially for flagsticks, bunkers and, on the 6th and 7th only, holes caused by the use of weedkiller. Winter rules do NOT apply and there is no relief from divot holes or mud on the ball. Looking beyond this weekend, we also wanted to share that the Course and Comps Teams are fully aware of the challenging conditions at the moment on the 6th and 7th Fairways, and have agreed that Free Relief will be available to players when they experience interference from such Abnormal Course Conditions.