World Handicaping system

The World Handicap System was launched in England on 2 November 2020. It is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.  It has replaced the six different systems currently used by over 15 million golfers in more than 80 countries.

It has been developed by The R&A and The United States Golf Association (USGA), supported by the world’s handicapping authorities, including CONGU, which represents the four home countries of Great Britain and Ireland.

Course and Slope Rating
Golfers can find a full list of course and slope ratings using The R&A’s Course Rating and Slope Database.

Course Handicap Calculator
If you want to calculate your course handicap ahead of your next round, you can use the My England Golf App.  This can be downloaded onto your mobile device via Apple or Android stores.

To calculate your Course Handicap for a social round you need the following calculation:  Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) = Course Handicap

To find out more about how your handicap is calculated you can download the WHS Golfer Toolkit.

My England Golf App can be downloaded here

Social and General Play Scores
The World Handicap System allows golfers to now registered scores for handicapping purposes during a general play round.  Acceptable scores include those played with friends, colleagues and in societies.  You can submit these directly via the My England Golf App or HowDidIDo (Apple or Android).

How to submit a General Play Round

  • Pre-register the round through the My England Golf App or the HowDidIDo App
  • Play and enjoy the round in accordance with the Rules of Golf
  • Enter the score using  the My England Golf App or the HowDidIDo App.
  • A golfer’s final score must be verified by a playing partner who has witnessed the round
  • The playing partner must be registered the MyEG or HowDidIDo App for verification purposes.
Submitting 9-hole scores
To add a social 9-hole score to your record, you will need to pre-register the intention on My EG or HowDidIDo to post a 9-hole round before teeing off.  If you set off for 18 holes, but fail to finish you must play at least 10 holes for that score to count towards handicapping.  Once you have finished your round, you can input your scores with your markers name yourself.
World Handicap System Member – FAQs and Useful Player Resources
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Rules of Handicapping Player

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