Vets section

Ley Hill’s veterans have their own section within the club, and they even have their own captain.  The vets play throughout the week but they have a dedicated morning on Wednesday’s.  There are also several ‘vets only’ competitions.

There's no substitute for experience!

Our vets know a thing or two about Ley Hill's tricky golf course. They know its not important to hit the ball 250 yards, and they know how important it is to be straight. Some of our vets have been playing the course for more than 40 years and they're still just as competitive as the youngsters! One thing they'll all tell you, is that Ley Hill is a great course for vets. Certainly, if you're struggling to get round a long course, then Ley Hill will suit you to the ground, but its no pushover!


You're just getting started!

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