We welcome visitors to our golf club and we offer very competitive green fee rates.


We accept green fees through our online booking service.  You can also book by clicking the button at the top of the page.

The clubhouse is not always manned.  You do not need to register with the staff before your round; simply park in the car park and walk straight to the course, but please print out the receipt and carry it with you during your round.  The course is marshalled and you will not be allowed to continue without proof of booking and proof of payment.  Note that players teeing-off after 2pm ON A SUNDAY should use the alternative Sunday tee on the 2nd and 11th holes.  If you are caught on the course without pre-paying then you will be charged the maximum green fee rate for the day in question.

When you reach the 10th tee please check whether anyone is waiting on the 1st tee.  Regardless of your start time, groups should alternate teeing-off between the 1st and the 10th tee.  You have 2 hours to complete each 9 hole circuit.  If your round is slower than 13mins per hole then you may be asked to suspend your round until the course is less busy.  Visitors MUST only tee off from the YELLOW or RED teeing areas.

We do not have a strict dress policy, but we do expect our visitors to dress tidily in normal golf attire, and in a manner that would not offend or upset our members.  We do not allow jeans or track suits to be worn on the course.

We hope you have an enjoyable round, and if you are not happy with any aspect of this booking, then please contact the Secretary

Visitor rates for 2023 are as follows:

Winter – November to March

  • Weekdays £24 each for 18 holes , £15 each for 9 holes.
  • Weekends £28 each for 18 holes, £18 each for 9 holes.
  • Twilight not available during winter.

Summer – April to October

  • Weekdays £25 each for 18 holes , £16 each for 9 holes.
  • Weekends £30 each for 18 holes, £19 each for 9 holes.
  • Twilight (from 5pm)* £18 each for 18 holes , £12 each for 9 holes.

*You may not have sufficient daylight to complete your round, hence the discounted rate.

county card scheme

The County Card provides the opportunity to play more than 1300 golf clubs who offer special rates throughout the country.

We are a participating club and visiting county card holders are welcome to contact our secretary and arrange a suitable time to play the golf course.  Appointments must be made in advance, so please do not just expect to turn up and play using the county card scheme!  If club members wish to purchase a county card then they should do so through the BB&O webpage here

Upload the scorecard!

If you switch your smartphone to camera mode (as if you’re going to take a picture) and point it at the QR code image then the phone will give you the option to upload the scorecard for Chesham and Ley Hill. If you’re already on your smartphone then click the QR image and you’ll see the scorecard!