Lifestyle membership


Lifestyle Membership – Terms and Conditions

  1. Lifestyle membership is open to new members 18 years and over but is not available to current or past members within the last three years.
  1. A Lifestyle member can play at any time but there will be occasional restrictions impacting on all members when the course is closed for an event, course maintenance or due to extreme weather conditions.
  1. Membership can be purchased at any time throughout the year. The renewal date is the anniversary date of joining the club. There is no joining fee.
  1. In addition to the annual subscription, you will be required to pay the affiliation fees to England Golf and the County Associations which will be billed separately. For 2024/25 the fees are £20.50. This will provide insurance cover for you whilst playing golf, if you should hit someone, or an object, and entitle you to gain and retain an official handicap index.
  1. The Lifestyle subscription must be paid on a yearly basis and further credits must be purchased once the initial credits have been used. Lifestyle members may not supplement their points by purchasing a green fee. Lifestyle Members who have used up all their points may NOT be signed in by full members on a ‘play with member rate’.
  1. Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions and/or the amount of the Lifestyle membership fee.
  1. All Lifestyle Members may apply for a Bar Card if they so wish. Full use of the Clubhouse, including changing facilities, social events and catering facilities is included. Full use of the putting green and net is also included.
  1. All Lifestyle Members will have the same playing rights as Full Members except they can only play in Medals, Stablefords, roll-ups and fun competitions, provided the relevant competition fee is paid. Lifestyle Members cannot play in boarded and trophy competitions and do not have access to reciprocal golf arrangements the club has in place with other clubs. A Lifestyle member does not have voting rights but may attend the Annual General Meeting.

Lifestyle Points

  1. The points have no redeemable value and are for the named member only and not transferable. Points can only be used for playing a round of golf and not for purchases of any other item. Points will be deducted for every round you play. The number of points deducted will depend on when you play a your golf.
  1. Should the initial credits be used, Lifestyle Members can purchase further credits. These can be purchased by accessing the BRS App.
  1. Points can be used during the year or carried forward to the next golfing subscription year provided the annual subscription is paid. Alternatively, any unused credits may be rebated against a 12 month full 7 day Membership at the rate of £1 for every unused point.
  1. Changes to the points tables or the competitions that a Lifestyle Member can play in is at the discretion of club management. Any changes will be communicated via email giving at least 14 days notice of any changes.

Joining as a Lifestyle Member

  1. Lifestyle Members will go through the same joining process as all members by completing a membership application form. Once the membership application form is processed and payment has been received, the member will be given access to the BRS booking system and a CDH ID for handicapping.

Booking a Tee Time

  1. Tee bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance and must be made using the Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club BRS booking app.
  1. Any Lifestyle Member must book a tee time (either 9 or 18 holes) via the BRS App when playing at the club. No Lifestyle Member can play without having booked a tee time in advance.
  1. A ‘round’ is any visit to the course where 9 or more holes are played.
  1. All members must comply with the Club Rules, Etiquette and Dress Code. Lifestyle Members are subject to the same general terms and conditions, Rules, Bye-Laws and general conduct as outlined in the Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club Rules and Constitution. Should any Lifestyle Member be found not complying with these Terms and Conditions they will have their membership terminated and their points removed with no liability remaining with the Club.