Our Volunteers

Volunteers Simon Devine and Simon Royal lay the sleepers for the Sunday tee on the 2nd fairway

A small club like Chesham & Ley Hill relies on the voluntary help and support provided by its members. At the forefront of this volunteer network are our trustees and team leaders, who provide the leadership and direction for the club. They work behind the scenes to manage the course, maintain the clubhouse and organise the club functions. Their role can go unnoticed, but they are essential for the smooth running of the club.

Then we have the real ‘hands-on’ workers, who do all the important odd-jobs around the clubhouse, and assist the greenkeepers where necessary. Some of these volunteers have been helping out for decades and they continue to provide their services without fuss or recompense.

The Puddephatt brothers have been working hard on restoring the colour to the decking and they have repaired the fencing next to the clubhouse. This has kept them both occupied for weeks during, and after, the lockdown. So next time you enjoy a drink on the terrace, take a look at the wonderful decking and spare a thought for the workers!

The men’s changing rooms are also looking much nicer thanks to the fantastic paintjob by Eamon Moran. Eamon has painted all the walls and ceilings and he has even repaired the fittings in the toilet area. Nobody asked Eamon to do this work he just volunteered his services because he felt the work needed doing!

Despite a recent illness, that would have floored most mere mortals, Paul Watkins has been working hard on some of the garden area around the car park. He’s made an amazing job of trimming the hedge around the car park and he’s even cut the grass round the putting green.

The new Sunday teeing ground is almost ready. The two Simon’s (Royal and Devine) helped to bed the sleepers into the 2nd fairway, and Stuart has now laid the turf so the tee will be ready to use in a few weeks. Keith Fletcher organised the manufacture of the two signs, which will instruct golfers to use the new tee on Sunday afternoon’s after 2pm.