Men v Ladies Soden Shield

The annual men’s v ladies Soden Shield match took place on Saturday and the contest was a very close affair! The event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic but this year, despite having to omit the post-match dinner, we were at least able to run the golf match,

There were eight matches and both teams had three winners. On the men’s side Richard Lewis overcame a dogged performance by Frances Miller, and there were wins too by Andy Hearn and Bob Bruton. On the ladies side there was a win for Chris Lewis over an equally dogged Andy Shephard, and further wins by Anne Cooke and Philomena Lockyer.

The match between Ralph Bartlett and Sandra Eland was halved, and when Ladies captain Irene Crook birdied the final hole against men’s captain Rick Rankin, the match was tied 4-4. So the two captains were forced to down their drinks and return to the course for a play-off decider. Rick had deviously anticipated the result, and been drinking orange juice, while Irene had already finished her second glass of wine, so Irene was already on the back foot!

If you want to know the result then watch the short play-off video below..

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