Green Fees Rocket amid Covid pandemic

An article in the online golf magazine ‘The Golf Business’ has highlighted the massive increase in Green Fees during the Corona virus pandemic. Ley Hill trustees report that green fee’s at Chesham and Ley Hill have increased by over 1000% since the same period last year. The club has been using the GolfNow booking system to administer its Green Fees and Brian Haworth commented “

“On June 1 we opened up to members’ guests and visitors, and it is from that date that we, as trustees, perhaps really began, more fully, to appreciate just how much of an asset GOLFNOW is to us, as an ongoing service-partner-relationship. In the 18 days since we began to accept visitor bookings, exclusively through GOLFNOW on our website, we have enjoyed very, very significant incremental visitor revenues relative to the norm.”

This is the most number of online bookings Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club has ever had in one month, and the club also tripled its annual average of new joiners in just three weeks.

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