Course Improvements

It’s been a busy spring for the greenkeeping team!  Have you noticed that there’s been lots of subtle improvements made to the golf course over the last few months?

Firstly, each hole now has a special identification board that shows the par, stroke-index and hole layout.  The frames have been expertly constructed by our long-serving member Andy Hearn, and Anne Birkett has been working hard to garner advertising sponsors for each of the boards.

The cross bunkers have now been re-instated on the 8th hole and we’ve also brought back the left-hand bunker on the 3rd hole.

You might also have noticed how the greenkeepers are mowing the fairways with a diamond pattern, and how the approaches to the greens are looking like striped lawns!

The ninth tee has been re-turfed and there are now good quality teeing mats on all of the tees.  Further scalping have also been added to many of the paths across the course making them less slippery and more attractive.

If you see Les, Darren or Graham out on the course then don’t forget to congratulate them on their excellent work!

Finally, we’ve installed Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite equipment in the clubhouse, so there’s now super fast wifi internet available!


Diamond mowing pattern accross the fairways

New description boards on every hole – some with sponsorship!

Re-instated bunker on the 3rd hole

Re-instated cross-bunkers on the 8th hole