Types of Competitions

All the competitions (Mens, Ladies and Vets) are listed in the Club Diary.  

Sign-up sheets are normally placed on the noticeboard in the Ladies Locker Room at least two weeks in advance.  The sign-up sheet will explain the type of competition, terms, conditions of play  and whether or not you need to sign in to HowDidIDo.  It is your responsibility to let your partner/opponents know if you are unable to play.  

You should always arrive 30 minutes before your allotted tee time so that you are ready to play but also just in case there has been any alterations to the order of play.

The different competitions that the Ladies Section may organise throughout the year are Eclectic, Stroke Play, Greensomes, Gruesomes, Match Play, Four-Ball, Par/Bogey and Stableford.

Stroke Play

This is where a player or side competes against all other players or sides in the competition.  A player’s or side’s score for a round is the total number of strokes to hole out on each hole.  The winner is the player or side who completes the round(s) in the fewest number of strokes.  At the end of the game you will need to take your handicap from the number of strokes taken to give you the Nett Score.


Greensomes is a variation of Foursomes where both partners play from the teeing area and one of the two tee shots is selected.  The partner whose tee shot was not selected then plays the next stroke and each subsequent stroke is made in alternating order until the ball is holed.

Match Play
This is a form of play where a player or side plays directly against an opponent or opposing side in a match of one or more rounds. The player or opposing side wins the hole if they hole in fewer strokes and the match is won when a player or side leads the opponent or opposing side by more holes than remain to be played.

Match Play can be played as a singles match where one player plays against an opponent.  It can also be played as a Three-Ball match, Foursomes, or Four-Ball match between sides of two partners.

A competition where sides of two partners compete.  Each player plays her own ball. The side’s score for each hole is the lower score of the two partners on that hole.  Four-Ball can be played as a match-play competition between one side of two partners and another side of two partners or a stroke-play competition with many sides of two partners.


This is a variation of Greensomes and it can make things really tough.  The worst drive of the two is used and to make it more difficult, the opponent can also get to choose which drive is used.

This is a form of stroke play where a player’s or side’s score for a hole is based on points awarded by comparing the player’s or side’s number of strokes on the hole.  The number of extra shots you receive for each hole will depend on your handicap and the Stroke Index (SI) which is marked on the scorecard.  The hardest hole on the course will have a SI of 1 whereas the easiest hole on the course will have a SI of 18.

The number of extra shots you will receive for each hole will depend on your handicap and the SI difficulty of each hole.  You get 3 points for a Nett Birdie, 2 points for a Nett Par and 1 Point for a Nett Bogey.

This is a form of stroke play that uses scoring as in match play.  A player or side wins or loses a hole by completing the hole in fewer strokes or more strokes than a fixed target score for that hole set by the Committee.  The competition is won by the player or side with the highest total of holes won versus holes lost.

Another competition played with a partner where one player drive off on the odd numbered holes and the other player drives off on the even numbered holes.  After a player has driven off, alternate shots are taken by each player until the ball is holed.

This competition runs at least twice a year.  Lady Members record their best score per hole and scorecards that can be used are Medals, Stablefords, Pars and all other Strokeplay Competitions.   Any 9 / 18 holes that is played with a member (who has a handicap and must mark the card) can also be used.  Match Play scorecards are not acceptable for the Eclectic.