golf ladder

The golf ladder is a fun challenge for members of Chesham and Ley Hill, designed to run while we’re within Tier 4 of the Covid lockdown.  The rules are simple, you can challenge any player above you and, if you beat them, you move above them in the ladder.  But you also climb further spaces above your beaten opponent by virtue of your matchplay score, for example, if you beat a player five places above you by 3 holes, you climb 5+3=8 places up the ladder.

You can play over nine or eighteen holes, but you must complete the full complement of holes, so that you have a final score of +1, +2 etc, in the same way we score the Edy competition.  Send your results to Richard via email or WhatsApp.

The ladder starts in handicap order and I’ve only included those who seem to play regularly in the roll-ups.  Anyone who wants to be added can either contact Richard or make a challenge.  Matches to be played off the yellow tees, full handicap allowance.

If playing nine holes use the full handicap difference and then reference the front nine stroke index, eg, Player A 18 hcp v Player B 23 hcp.  Player B receives (23-18) =  5 shots, but he will only actually receive a stroke on the two holes [on the front nine] with the lowest stroke index, which are holes 2 & 8.

1Ian Burrows=
2Alex Crook=
3Mike Freeman=
4Paul Watkins=
5Richard Lewis=
6Paul Eames=
7Rik Rankin=
8Paul Tipper=
9Les Kimber=
10Soydan Nihat=
11Andy Ringrose=
12Lee Purvis=
13Andy Rennard=
14Andy Shephard=
15Trevor Bingham=
16Pete Churchill=
17Nigel Ford=
18Roger Greenland=
19Dave Hankin=
20Colin Harrison=
21John Holland=
22Ian King=
23Dan Chitty=
24Sam Eames=
25Gary Rees=
26Pete Wharton=
27Mark Brandon=
28Barry Escott=
29Graham Keen=
30Gerald Lally=
31Bob Bruton=
32Matt Eames=
33Ian Francis=
34Trot Marston=
35Bill Salkeld=
36Peter Hope=
37Paul Milward=
38Adian Badrick=
39Ralph Bartlett=
40Trevor Chappell=
41Peter Jukes=
42Richard Pearl=
43Dave Taylor=
44Andy Hearn=
45Craig King=
46Brian Puddephatt=
47John Brooks=
48Jim Catchcart=
49Alan Puddephatt=
50John Duffy=
51Kevin Meehan=
52Chris Newman=
53Simon Royal=
54Tony Cooke=
55Keith Fletcher=
56Mark Harrison=
57Dan Adlington=
58Ed Scerri=
59Peter Adlington=
60Darren Lingham=
61Sam Voak=
62Ed Perrott=
63Terry Stafford=
64Simon Devine=

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