Members gather to honour departing Head Greenskeeper

After more than twenty-two years of dedicated and invaluable service to the Club and care of our Course, Head Greenskeeper Stuart Dent, tended our fairways for one final time on Wednesday 25th August. As many may already know, Stuart has accepted – after a lot of heart-searching and reflection – a new and exciting challenge outside of the Golf world!

Our delightful Course is our greatest asset: our pride and joy. And Stuart, probably the longest-serving professional Greenskeeper in the Club’s 121-year history, has always operated on that same premise. Stuart’s resilience and loyalty, through good times and bad – including sometimes working solo throughout the dangerous, damaging and frightening pandemic to save our course from becoming either a desert or a jungle – will never be forgotten by this Club.

To celebrate and thank Stuart for his tremendous contributions to the Club, Members gathered on the putting green and patio areas outside of the Clubhouse to witness Club President, Annette Roe, make a special Presentation to Stuart. Annette, first, thanked all in attendance saying “How lovely to see so very many of you here today, all to honour Stuart on his last day and to wish him every success in his new venture! She then presented Stuart with ‘an envelope’ and a personalised engraved cut-glass whisky tumbler, adding “We should like you to accept these gifts, Stuart, to remember us by.

These ‘thank you’ gifts have been contributed to by everyone here. Please make sure you keep us posted as to how you get on, and come back and see us, often!” A clearly delighted and touched Stuart then took out the whisky glass and held it up for all to see, saying “ I’m really grateful for all of your kindness and appreciation which I’ll always cherish. For my part I wish Darren, my successor, every possible success and am sure he will enjoy the same wonderful Member support that I have over the years. Thank you all!”