edy (mens winter doubles) 2020

In the aftermath of the Virus lockdown the Edy tournament has been re-formatted and will be played as a straight knock-out competition over the summer of 2020.

Would those players involved please plan, as early as possible, to arrange the relevant matches.  We will NOT be extending the deadlines at all, in fairness to all. [ It’s not just one’s opponents who may be impacted by any ‘overrun’ but also the players in the next round.] although we will, of course, try to assist and support if there is any ‘unusual’ problems in arranging matches.

Please, when you have completed any Match, could you simply let Brian know by email [ brianhaworth11@gmail.com ], or by text 0741-062-8848, as early as is practicable for you.  If your opponents in the Draw are already known, then please just crack on and arrange and play your first Match as soon as possible.